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Unlimited Upsell

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General Description

8Upsell app has been created to help web store owners to promote and up-sell their products. Unlike different other ways to interest customer in additional purchases, such as the placement of "Relevant Products" or "Who Purchased This Also Bought" blocks on the product page or on the cart page, the app makes it much more efficiently. Customer often doesn't pay attention to the mentioned blocks containing information about additional products. With a help of 8Upsell app your customer's attention will be always attracted to such additional products in 100% of cases!


How it works

Nice and simple. When customer clicks on "Checkout" button on the page of shopping cart, then appears simple and beautiful pop-up window which offers the last possibility to add to cart relevant products based on the contents of the customers shopping cart.


Admin of the web store can indicate what products must be proposed to customer in offers pop-up window.


Most Important Features:

  • App works with any theme

    App doesn't require any manual modifications of your theme during installation process

  • Upsell general products

    With a help of 8Upsell app you can propose your customers additionally any single or multiple products when they click on "Checkout" button on web store. The app allows you to adjust easily various upsell campaigns according to your needs.

  • Upsell products based on the contents of the shopping cart

    You can upsell specific products offered to your customers when they click on "Checkout" button and a set of expected products will depend on what products customers have already added to their cart.

  • Upsell products based on total order in cart

    You have a great opportunity to offer your customer amazing deals on products if the cost of products in shopping cart exceeds the certain amount of money specified. You can offer such customers both free gifts and additional products with a discount, thereby motivating your customer to make more purchases!

  • Track the statistics of your sales

    8Upsell app gives you the possibility to monitor and analyze sales statistics to determine how successful your upsell campaigns are going on. It allows you to experiment with various variants of products for upsell campaigns and determine which ones work better and thus increase your sales!

  • Mobile version of "offer pop-up window"

    If customer effects purchases in your web store using mobile phone, then when he clicks on "Checkout" button will be displayed an optimized for mobile phones pop-up window with upsell products. It will allow you to increase sales made ​​with a help of mobile phones!

  • Design Editor for "offer pop-up window"

    Design of this pop-up window can be adjusted for any theme with a help of excellent insightful editor with online preview feature. You can adjust any element of pop-up window (background, link colors, link sizes, text colors, text sizes, button colors and etc.) without any knowledge of CSS.

  • Support of different languages

    Text used in “offer pop-up window” can be translated in any language for non English-speaking web stores.

  • Run different promotions such as:

    • Buy One Get One Free

    • Buy One Get One 50% Off

    • Buy 3 Get One 75% Off

    • Buy 4 of Something Get One Free

    • Spend $100 Get One Free

    • ... it's only a few examples and the list is limited only by your needs and imagination!


Unlimited Upsell
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